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Facts 'n Figures was established in 1969. With 50 years serving the market research industry, Facts 'n Figures has introduced thousands of new and improved products and services to consumers. It is because of people like you who participate in market research and give feedback to companies on what you like and dislike about their products that ultimately bring quality products to market that you actually love.

Yes, you really do make a difference!

Companies do listen.

What to Expect

Market research is fun and exciting. Whether you are participating in a taste test or focus group, the leader of the session will encourage and expect you to be open and honest when sharing your opinions. After all the goal of research is to find out what you, the consumer want and feel about the products and services you buy.  Read more to get helpful hints that will enhance your experience.


Have questions? Here is a list of frequently asked questions to help you get the answers you need.

Facts 'n Figures is now able to send you text messages when there are studies that you may qualify for. However, you need to update you profile to make sure you get the text messages. Watch the video to learn how.

Kids opinions count! We are always looking for kids to join our panel. If you know of any, share this video with their parents and have them sign up. Or if you are a parent, add your children to your profile in our database.

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