Have fun when participating. Let us know how you really feel!

You will have the opportunity to lend your voice on new and existing products. Companies want to hear your opinions so that they can improve and make
the best version of what they have to offer.
Here are some helpful hints to enhance your experience.

Getting Started:

Set up your profile.  The more complete your profile is the greater your chances for participating in our research. Periodically, update your information. If you forget your password, you may reset it by clicking on the “Forgot your password."

You will receive study invitations from Facts 'n Figures email powered by Survey Monkey.  Please make sure you allow your email to accept surveys coming from bonnie@factsnfiguresinc.com. Survey screening inventions are sent to members based on the study criteria. To have a better chance of being selected as a potential participant, make sure your profile is complete and up to date.

Once you complete a screening survey online, a research assistant will review your responses. Once your answers have been reviewed by our staff and you do meet the study requirements, you will either receive an email or our recruiting office will contact you to schedule an appointment for the study. Because we deal with a high volume of participants, a response from us may take a few days. Please do not call our office. 


The Day of your Study:

Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to arrive on time for your research session. Please arrive 20 minutes prior to your scheduled time to check-in and complete any necessary paper work. It is very important that each session starts on time. If you arrive at the time the study starts, you will be considered late. Late arrivals may not be used and not paid the study incentive.

DO NOT BRING young children or pets to your study. Unless they are participating in a group, please leave your children at home. Plan ahead for babysitting.

Dress Casual. Please come dressed neat and clean. No torn clothing, inappropriate logos or anything that may be offensive to others. Please cover all visible tattoos that may be offensive to others. 

Bring reading glasses, if you use them for reading or watching TV. We may be using computers and/or filling out questionnaires on paper.


Refrain from wearing strong fragrances or smoking before the study Fragrances affect the sense of taste and smell.


Please do not discuss what you talked about or products that you tested with family, friends, or co-workers. It is important to keep study information confidential. Once the product has been released to the public, it is then okay for you to discuss it.


At the Testing Facility:

Do not call us from your cell phone if our building is locked - If your arrival time is after 7:00 PM on weekdays, please use the call box on the outside of the building for entry. Dial 0500 and we will buzz you in. Please note, the building is also locked on Saturday's after 1:00 PM. DO NOT USE THE STAIRWELL! It is an "exit only" for fire safety.

Photo identification is a must. If you do not have your photo on file with us, you will need to have a photo ID to check-in. A drivers license, state ID, or passport are only acceptable forms of ID. School or work ID are not accepted.

Please turn off all electronic devices before the start of your study. Your opinion is vital to the success of the research. If you are distracted by your electronic devices, you will not be fully engaged and focused on the conversation or evaluating a product. 


We expect the answers you provided during the screening process to be truthful. If at the time of your session it is determined that you have falsified information, you will not be used, nor receive payment, and will no longer be permitted to participate.

During your Session:

Be respectful of others and their opinions. Each of us has our own opinion of just about every topic imaginable and everyone has the right to express their opinion.

Follow all directions during your session. It is extremely important to follow directions of the facilitator/moderator as results may become invalid and cannot be used. Anyone found to be disruptive will be asked to leave and not paid.

Tell it like it is. You play a vital role in how products are developed and eventually brought to market. Companies encourage you be part of market research studies because they want to bring you products you love and want to buy. If the data collected is not accurate, companies will not meet consumer expectations. Companies really want to hear what you think. You will not offend companies if you think something is not how you like it. Your opinion really does count!

Participate! You are the voice of the people. You can help shape the products and services that are produced for this country. By being part of the OPINIONATION, whether in a taste test, discussion group, or individual interview, you have the opportunity to tell companies what you like, don’t like, want, and need from them. Your participation in research helps bring value to the products and services you buy.

Have a good time. Market research is fun and exciting. You get to try new products before they go to market or partake in a discussion about topics that can direct companies to new ideas or make an impact on political issues.

Participation in Market Research is voluntary. It is not a form of employment



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